Venus CW-808 Laser Hair Removal Review

Venus CW 808 Laser Review

Is the Venus CW-808 the right home laser system for you? Do not buy the Venus CW-808 without first understanding the benefits and the risks of this home laser hair removal device.

The Venus CW-808 is a laser hair removal device manufactured in South Korea by BNB Medical Co., Ltd for permanent hair removal at home. This device has received the CE mark from the European Union, and BNB Medical Co., Ltd currently markets the CW-808 as a permanent hair reduction device. In general, the Venus laser for hair removal  delivers results in five to six months, but can take as long as eight months.

The laser emits a flash of light and heat to destroy the hair follicle, which is how it achieves permanent hair removal. With the Venus personal laser hair remover, the contact area of the laser is small. The manufacturer states that you must treat one hair at a time, which is time consuming when you are working with several hundred hairs in one area on your body. The average treatment of one leg takes at least an hour, but you should take a break every 30 minutes to allow the device to cool.

Benefits of the Venus Laser Hair Removal Device
  • No dead batteries. The Venus CW-808 personal laser hair removal system is a corded device, so no stopping in the middle of treatments because of a dead battery. However, it cannot be used for more than 30 minutes without at least a five minute break. 
  • Additional products. Optional products include a Cooling Gel and Replenishing Essence to prepare the skin for treatments and to protect the skin after treatments.
  • Safety key. The Venus laser hair remover must be unlocked before it can be used.
  • Cost. The cost of the Venus laser hair removal device is significantly less than many other products on the market. This laser is $100 to $200 depending on where the device is purchased, compared to $400 to $500 for other devices. 
Disadvantages of the Venus Laser Hair Removal Device
  • Small treatment head. Full treatments take a long time when you must treat a single hair at a time.
  • Laser emission button. You must press a button to emit the laser, which will quickly give you trigger finger. Because you control the laser pulse with a button, you cannot be sure that you have placed the laser properly on the skin. If the laser is slightly tilted during treatments, the laser will still fire when you press the button, but these pulses are less effective.
  • Effectiveness. While the Venus will remove some hair, it is just not as effective as the Tria or the Silk'n. If you are searching for a truly permanent reduction in hair growth, invest in a higher quality machine. You may have positive results with the Venus laser, but the time commitment is too great. 
  • Instructions. The instructions included with the Venus CW-808 are written in badly broken English and difficult to understand. If you do not perform the treatments correctly, you will not have positive results.
  • Company complaints. BNB Medical Co., Ltd currently sells several laser hair removal devices including the Venus CW-808, the Epila SI-808 and the Xemos W-808. Each of these devices has numerous complaints and bad reviews associated with them, and many customers report that refunds are difficult, if not impossible, to obtain.  
Because of the lack of FDA approval in the US, the Venus laser cannot be legally marketed or sold in the US. BNB Medical Co., Ltd received a warning letter dated 4/19/11 from the FDA about illegal marketing and sales activities. However, the lack of FDA approval does not necessarily mean that the device is unsafe. The approval is currently on hold waiting for a "receipt of clinical data demonstrating that a lay person could read the directions for use and safely and effectively use the device."

Compare the Venus Laser Hair Remover to the FDA approved Tria Laser for permanent hair removal at home. You may also be interested in how to use the Venus laser.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for this product review! Has anyone ever used this product? Is it effective?

Elsie Barley on 1/12/11 said...

Yes, it does work but it is slow.

Chasity Goddard on 1/12/11 said...

Hair removal lasers for use at home are not as strong as professional devices, so you will need more treatments than you would need at a salon. But they do work, so be patient when you use them.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this is suitable for India skin? And is it safe to use on the face?

Anonymous said...

Be careful!!! FDA approval does not seem to be true. Look at:

Chasity Goddard on 13/12/11 said...

Thank you! You are right. The Venus has not yet received FDA approval. It appears that the Silk'n & the Tria are still the only FDA approved devices for hair removal at home.

Anonymous said...

hello! I dont know how to use my venus :S should the hair be shaved or should it show a little? and does it only take one hair? or an area of "hair"? please some one give me an answer! Thanx //G

Anonymous said...

What about sun exposure after treatment?

stephanieGrey said...

For people entering this site. Do not buy this. Venus CW-808 effects only one hair at a time, you have trillionz hair on your body. And CW-808 doesn't give you permanent hair removal but only for months. ALSO: this is laser treatment... There is a saying, leave it to the professionals.

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