Celebrities With PCOS

Celebs with PCOS
You don't often hear it shouted from the mountaintops, but even celebrities are not immune to the ravages of PCOS. Unfortunately, many of the celebrity sufferers prefer to remain silent about the condition. With PCOS affecting millions of women in the US alone, hopefully more celebrities will soon admit that they suffer along with us.

Jillian Michaels From the "Biggest Looser" Has PCOS

Jillian Michaels received harsh criticism when her now famous quote about pregnancy, "I can't handle doing that to my body" appeared in the May issue of Women's Health magazine. Later on "The Talk" television show, she explained her comments. She revealed that she suffers from PCOS and endometriosis. She knows that having children could be a struggle, and would require medical treatments and medications to treat these conditions prior to pregnancy. These medical interventions are what she does not want to do with her body, which many of her fellow PCOS sufferers can understand. Speaking publicly about the personal issues PCOS causes would be difficult for anyone, but hopefully Jillian Michaels can now speak openly and comfortably about her condition without the fear of embarrassment.

Emma Thompson Has PCOS & Suffers From Infertility

Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson, who has starred in several movies including Maybe Baby and Sense and Sensibility suffered a miscarriage in 1997. She battled infertility for several years, and finally gave birth to Gaia in 1999 after in-vitro fertility (IVF) treatments. She and her partner attempted to have a second child with IVF but have since given up. She told Laura Benjamin of the Daily Mail that not being able to get pregnant again "is a great agony for me", but "you can't carry about such a pain with you or you would go under."

Victoria Beckham Battles PCOS

Victoria Beckham openly admits to suffering from PCOS, but she does not let it control her life. She has maintained her weight, and has actually received criticism for being underweight. Perhaps she just does not suffer from the weight control issues that plague many PCOS women, or maybe she overcompensates for the disorder, but she is proof that you can overcome the symptoms of PCOS. Even though she has struggled with infertility, she has three healthy sons and welcomed a baby girl in July of 2011.

Rebecca Atkinson From "Shameless" Diagnosed With PCOS

Rebecca Atkinson, star of "Shameless", sought out her doctor after her make-up artist suggested she may have PCOS. She had large cysts along her jawline that were unusual for her. Her doctor suggested acne medication, but she insisted on further tests. A blood test and ultrasound later confirmed she had PCOS. "I'd always suffered irregular periods," she stated to Vicki Power of Mail Online, and "I've got random black hairs on my face." She realized she had been suffering with PCOS symptoms for years. She is not too concerned about PCOS just yet because her symptoms are mild, but it does worry her.


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